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Employee monitoring has become one of the most common activity in today’s organizational structure. Nevertheless these monitoring activities prove to be indispensible in a world of uncertainty. Even employees are aware of this situation and most of the times conform to such practices.

The real challenge lies in determining if these types of monitoring activities are really required and if so, how can this practice be implemented without hurting the self-esteem and sentiments of the employee’s. Withholding the term Employee Monitoring, it has been an age-old practice of keeping a check over the work activities of employees. It has been done in many old-school ways, but with modern advents, newer technologies has ben adapted to carry out this activity.

Office Setup V/s Field Work:

For an employee working in a closed environment, he is been offered all amenities and can work at ease. This makes the employee give his best at the work he does. And with regards to the monitoring part, it can be done either electronically or mere physical presence of the employer in the office will result in disciplined behavior.

For People working out in the field, whose jobs involve marketing products / services or providing technical service, they are required to wander out missing out on the luxurious amenities as in the office. This reason along with an unrestrictive work environment makes the efficiency of the employee drop to a certain extent for more views please visit .

To cope up with all these drawbacks, employee monitoring has to be implemented in an effective manner. Before actually going on to implement the monitoring mechanism in the company, there are a few points that has to be decided upon.

  • First and foremost a decision ahs to be taken as to what metrics has to be monitored?
  • Then decide upon the tools & mechanisms that are to be implemented to monitor the employees.
  • Next is to communicate this decision to the employee’s without hurting their sentiments.
  • Lastly see to that all the monitoring mechanisms are in tune with the legal and moral values.

When all these points are followed appropriately, the task of implementing an employee monitor mechanism becomes a rather trouble-free task for the employer and the employee. Priority should be given that the employees are been treated with fair integrity.

What are the sectors that can be monitored?

Location Tracking / GPRS Tracking:

To person’s working out in the field and for those whose work involves a lot of travelling, employers usually adapt this form of tracking. This id done to ensure that the employees are at the right place at the right time. Also this builds the confidence in the minds of the employers and eliminates any unnecessary doubts and suspicions. This not proves beneficial for the employer but also to the employee. If in case a dispute arises and the employee is questioned about his integrity, the location tracking record can prove to be a solid proof.

Employee tracking technology acts as an intermediary for every member of the sales or marketing sector that takes place in the field, and real-world application of such solutions prove to be effective both as a prevention of bad working practices and as a initiator of interaction throughout the company.

Work Time Tracking:

The most common problem faced in offices nowadays is the adherence to work timing. With shift basis jobs in the rise, proper tracking of work-time is very necessary in the calculation of remunerations.  The work time of an employee is determined according to the country and type of job he does. Some countries follow the 8-hour job pattern whereas some countries follow the 6-hour job pattern,

Apart from the permissible job timings, the time when the employee enters and exits the office is a vital thing to be noted. A very simple solution to this is installing a punching machine in the office, which requires that the employee imprint his fingerprint while entering and exiting the office. Now what about the time spent inside the office, is it been utilized effectively or wasted on unwanted things. Installing electronic surveillance systems can monitor the employee’s activities inside the office.

Geo-Tagging & Photo Tracking:

This type of tracking is done for works that include merchandising and mobile stores, where stores are set up in multiple locations. This offers the advantage of viewing the status and the work done in different locations. This also helps in checking stocks and product display structures.
There are lot of applications that are available to perform this geo-tagging / photo tracking and it is again the employers sole discretion to decide whether to implement such monitoring mechanisms and if so what is the most apt model to be adapted.

Personal Relationship Factor:

The main factor that has to be taken onto consideration is the personal relationship that exists between the employer and the employee. All this monitoring and tracking mechanisms should never be imposed or thrust over the employees without their consent. The procedures should be followed in a fair and legal way without disturbing the employer as well as the employer.

However employee monitoring has become an unavoidable factor in comparatively larger companies having multiple branches. When personal attention cannot be given to all sectors, it is obvious that one has to go in for electronic surveillance.

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